Smart Luggage – Luggage that will never get lost.

Smart Luggage – Luggage that will never get lost.

The increase in international travel has caused airport terminals to be for most crowded and confusing and with the use of smart gadgets rising in our homes and businesses this year. The use of Smart Luggage is planned to rise and allow more individuals to be smarter, safer and secure when being on the move.

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The frequent flyer whether that be for business or pleasure can no longer afford the risk of losing their baggage nor be held up during check in stages and be prone to the difficulties maneuvering luggage through crowded terminals. With the rise of international travel expected to grow at an unprecedented rate the luggage and suitcase market has adapted new technology to make the suitcases and travel baggage both secure and smart. Which is why the Smart Luggage market is set to be worth over $2 billion dollars by 2024. Therefore, looking on wards in 2018 and beyond will see an increase in the use of Smart Luggage, that will both combine technological innovation with design and style to bring sophistication security and the added convenience to the Smart Luggage market.

Have you ever been in those situations where you have had the sudden misfortune of waiting at the luggage carousel for your precious belongings to come around only that they never show? Or maybe you have been in a situation where you have tried to navigate your way through a busy and bustling terminal with carry-on in hand only to get to the boarding gate and find that you have missed your flight. From here that planned relaxing holiday is still miles away given the frustration that can occur before you even board the plane. In an instant planned relaxed stress-free holiday or important business meeting can be turned upside down and spiraled out of control from factors outside your control. Hence why the frequent traveler need the technology to help them:

  • Reduce check-in times
  • Avoid mishandling of baggage
  • Remain updated about their itinerary and
  • Increase the security of their personal belonging

Therefore, looking forward in 2018 a new product being introduced to the market is hope to give more control, comfort and offer convenience in style through a self driven suitcase.

Introducing the ForwardX CX-1 Suitcase built by Chinese company Forward X Robotics. The luggage will use the latest A.I facial recognition technology with an inbuilt digital video camera to track your movements that will ultimately allow a suitcase to be self driven and follow you whenever you may go without the added baggage.

Weighing less than 4.5 kilo’s the unit’s versatility within its design allows the hands-free suitcase to deliver a max speed of 7mph. The suitcase is embed with ultra-sonic technology that will accurately allow the luggage to sense the environment and it’s surroundings to precisely calculate distances to obstacles within a 1cm degree of accuracy.  This technology uses the latest in A.I and facial recognition technology to track the owner whenever they may go. .The CX-1 Suitcase stands alone within the Smart luggage and suitcase markets with a Smart Li-Po battery designed to be removable under all airline regulations so it can be used as personal power source for your mobile or computer. As well as the unit is made up of pp and carbon fiber allowing the suitcase to be lightweight durable and waterproof; with the suitcase being equipped with a digital smart lock so you can be rest assured you belongings are safe and secured.

With the expected increase in growth of international travel coincidentally will cause baggage costs to rise by the airlines, which will support the shift in demand towards smart luggage with the added convenience of self tracking technology, portable power application’s and more security systems put in place. This will see more holiday makers, professionals and individuals adapt to the new market, bringing both sophistication, style and security to anyone who’s just wanting to get to their next destination sooner.

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