Air Purifier combines Technology and Nature

Air Purifier combines Technology and Nature

When technology clashes with nature, you get a stunningly designed piece of hardware in the form of an air purifier. 

At the beginning of the year, I made a pledge to myself – to get rid of everything toxic in my life. Okay, maybe not everything, but as many things as I can (I will never let you go potato tots) including harmful friendships, fast foods, behavioural traits like jealousy and self-hate… and now bad air!

No, I won’t be forcing myself into a plastic bubble, but there’s an air purifier that I’ve come across which will eat away all of the bad toxins in the air! Apparently, the air inside our homes is 5 times more harmful than the air outside due to variables such as cooking fumes, dust, mould and house chemicals (e.g., from sprays). Considering that I spend at least 80% of my time indoors since I usually work from home, it’s weird to think that my safe-haven home might be worse than the suburban air outside. If that’s so, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Thus, I went on a quest to find the best air purifier to satisfy my home interior and that’s also functionally sound – that’s where Natede comes into play. Recently released on Kickstarter, this beautiful air purifier uses an innovative photocatalytic filter, a fancy contraption that turns air pollutants into harmless substances, to eliminate 99% of bacteria odours and more! It also uses the natural filtering power of real plants to work its magic which is placed inside the whole purifier itself. Pretty cool huh? Probably one of the coolest pot plants to exist!

Natede Air Purifier

Anyway, the difference between Natede and other filters is that there’s no need to change the filter, all that’s needed is a quick wash and voila, good as new and ready to be reused. It’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, which enables the user to view a live feedback of the air quality which is an A+ feature for those who are a bit more on the pedantic side.

Natede Air Purifier

Taken from Natede Kick Starter Campaign


Any bad things to say?

The only downside right now is its availability – it won’t be ready to ship until the end of this year/early 2019 (bummer, because I’d love to have one now). Regardless, I’ve already made my pledge and can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. In the meantime, I’ll probably opt for another brand like Wynd Purifier or even the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier – both are around the same price point as the Natede Kickstarter price. It won’t hurt anyone, other than my wallet, to have more than one purifier around the house!

Do any of you use air filters/purifiers (or confuse these things with air humidifiers and other air *insert fancy science word*-iers)? Let me know in the comment section below!



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