$1.5 million For A ‘Dumb’ Phone? Light Phone 2 Tackles Social Media Issue.

$1.5 million For A ‘Dumb’ Phone? Light Phone 2 Tackles Social Media Issue.

Starting off this blog with a ‘dumb’ gadget – what a way to go at it aye?

What might seem like backwards technology may be the answer to today’s consuming social media lifestyle. With a minimalistic look, the Light Phone 2 seems to be a good alternative to the tech-heavy smartphones we hold so dearly. Their Indiegogo campaign has raised almost a whopping $1.5 million dollars and has gained attraction from thousands of customers and many investors around the world, yet will this appeal to the general public?

I’ve had a look at the comment section of articles about the device and found that many people are susceptible to the idea, but wouldn’t pay any more than $100 USD for it. It’s reasonable from a consumer’s viewpoint – who would want to pay $400 USD for a phone that does next to nothing when you could buy a brick phone off the market, not install any apps, and simply use it for calls only?

Take the following as examples:

    • Buy this cheap blackberry babe, install no apps other than Google Maps, and voila – you’ve got yourself a social media free device. Time to go out and explore the wilderness without your phone buzzing every minute.
    • Switch your phone to Max Power Savings Phone (which automatically disables all social media services) and make sure you don’t entice yourself to enable WeChat or any other program. This way, you’ll save some ca$h money and be able to enjoy, arguably some of, the benefits that LP2 offers.

      How to set your phone to Max power saving mode

But wait, is it really the same?

Just look at the e-Ink matte display with the monochromatic finish. The simple build with minimalistic UI and just the overall cuteness you’d want out of a simple phone. Compare that with the typical saturated android interface and grainy texture of the screen. Not that appealing is it (compared to the blackberry phone anyway)?

It’s not only the physical characteristics of the Light Phone that is the companies selling point but another proposition they’re trying to push is the idea that you DON’T have the option to download any other UNnEceSsArY apps. You see, with the alternative options above, if you have absolutely no self-control really wanted to, you could download Facebook or easily switch your phone back to normal mode whereas, with LP2, you simply don’t have the choice. So that devilish itch at the back of your mind that’s enticing you to head over to the dark side and feed Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket or drool over your friend’s expensive brunch pic via Instagram simply disappears because you won’t have that choice.

It’s redundant, it’s useless – but it’s the perfect phone for those with no self-control.

Up to you, if you’ve got that extra cash lying around and wouldn’t mind spending it on a pretty device, then sure, go for it. If you’re tight on money but still appreciate LP2’s concept, then those alternatives I’ve listed above are a good start. You’ve just go control your twiddling thumbs from mindlessly opening the Play/App store and downloading those apps.

Anyway, LP’s high price point is normal for a newly started tech company with no consistent cash flow – they don’t have the economies of scale to manufacture hardware for cheap. If you want, wait around a while and maybe they’ll lower their price point, or else support them now by becoming a backer and enjoy the freedom (when they deliver).

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