A smarter clean in getting those precious, priceless items crystal clean

A smarter clean in getting those precious, priceless items crystal clean

Cleaning your precious belonging’s has never been easier with the Smartclean Vision.5 Portable vision cleaner. A smarter more efficient way to keeping your precious, personal belonging’s in the best condition they can be.

Do you constantly find yourself wiping your glasses even with an optical cleaning solution but still leaves marks and smudges? Finding it impossible to get the dirt or dust out, between those smallest of spaces. Or maybe that precious jewelry that was purchased only a year ago has lost that glistening bling that it once had when it first came out of the box? Don’t you think there is always a constant problem of keeping your most precious of items clean?

Well there is a solution with the portable Smartclean Vision.5 cleaner. Currently being funded through the crowd funding site IndieGoGo. The portable cleaner offers a professional smart cleaning tool that you can take where ever you go. The device works by, objects being placed in a small stainless steel container half filled with tap water. Than once the unit is turned on the device generates ultrasonic vibration’s. These vibrations within the water generate shock waves forming numerous water bubbles around the object. These bubbles than disperse rapidly and burst. Exploding on the objects surface and smashing stains. In effect this allows the prefect removal of dirt, dust and grime on the surrounding area’s to be cleaned off completely and effortlessly.


This clever device can be used on any personal items that require a careful and fragile cleaning approach; including optical glasses, jewelry, watches, razor blades and more. The use of the Smartclean Vision.5 can be seen as an effective alternative to the use of cleaning chemicals to remove dust, grease and grime. As well as the device is very effective in removing stains in hard to reach places.

Ultimately the Smartclean Vision.5 can be seen as a sophisticated cleaning tool that can be both used at home or on the go. Using a natural and effective method of ultrasonic vibrations to get that crystal clear appearance on any of your precious metals or valuables, giving your valuables back their shine just as they once did when they first came out of the box.







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