A wearable device to capture your idea’s by simply thinking out loud.

A wearable device to capture your idea’s by simply thinking out loud.

Never let an idea be lost or a thought be unspoken with a wearable device to capture, store and preserve those fundamental features that truly make up who we are.

Being constantly attached and connected to the digital sphere frequently bombarded with the distractions from Social Media and constant inter personal communications that obstruct our course of thinking that we forget to simply write things down. What if there was a way that we can collect our thoughts, capture our ideas and store those possible flashes of genius before they pass us by?https://newatlas.com/senstone-voice-recorder-kickstarter-review/47779/

Introducing the Senstone a wearable device that can be used as a bracelet a necklace or an attached clip can be fixed on a person’s collar. What resembles something out of science fiction will allow the user to automatically record your voice from a single touch with an ability to stash up to 2 and half hours within its memory.  As demonstrated within Gadgets Wizard review the Senstone recordings can then be paired with a smart phone, and be automatically synced to the cloud; making them available to listen later on whenever the user may need to recollect a previous thought or idea. Although I can see this as being a clever concept the design and overall look of the device does seem to be too large, dark and off putting to be viewed as popular smart gadget to wear unless you are trying to impersonate Captain Kirk from Star Trek in the office.

However, the ultimate function of the Senstone to recollect our thoughts, idea’s and then being able to share those idea’s is an interesting concept. Can we assume that in the future there will be a device that we don’t even have to speak to collect our thought’s, idea’s, goals, desires and eventually maybe even a gadget that will be smart enough to even collect our dreams. https://www.designboom.com/technology/senstone-pendant-wearable-audio-device-03-16-2017/

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