Smart Homes are Becoming more Accessible

Smart Homes are Becoming more Accessible

Amazon partners with Lennar to deliver consumers the ability to experience the future of Smart Homes.

Usually, when you buy smart home products to replace something ‘dumb’, you’re left with a redundant piece of tech that you either throw away or store in the corner of a cupboard somewhere. What a waste, right?

That’s why Lennar, one of the largest home builders in the U.S, is offering a premium package comprised of a whole bunch of smart tech products with every purchase! Through a partnership with Amazon, they’ve opened up ‘Amazon Experience Centres’ across the US that showcase all of the products used in their smart homes and new home buyers can get these exact products pre-installed in their houses.

Controversially, Lennar had made a switch over to Amazon from Apple products since Amazon had lager flexibility in offering sales with third-party products, as well as their own. Of course, buyers aren’t only limited to Amazon products and can choose to use whichever brand they like, but you can’t doubt the convenience of having everything pre-installed.

Amazon Dash Button

Image: Amazon

If there’s one thing that’s bad about building a smart home, it’s the stress of finding the right products suited for your house as well as the setup process which can be a total pain if you aren’t as tech-savvy. I’m pretty techy myself but even I struggled with the LIFX (internet router issues are tricky sometimes) set up. The houses come with speakers, security locks, ambient lighting and a plethora of other gadgets and they can all be voice controlled by Amazon Echo or controlled via the Samsung Smart Things. They’ve even got Amazon Dash buttons installed so that you can replenish your everyday items. Also, by incorporating the World’s First Wi-Fi certified designs in the build, it’ll make sure that the smart products never have any connectivity issues.

List of devices

Image: Amazon

Last thoughts?

Overall, Lennar has taken a pretty bold approach in adapting smart tech into all of their news home – some people out there are still sceptical about that whole idea of giving third-party large conglomerates company products a certain level of access to their personal lives. Yet none-the-less, I’m sure this idea will definitely catch the attention of early-adopters and that many other home sellers will follow suit.



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