Smart charging from Chargerito– A pocket sized wall charger that’s packs a punch

Smart charging from Chargerito– A pocket sized wall charger that’s packs a punch

Does anyone have a charger? Is a term I constantly hear when I’m at work or in a social gathering. Hey people even go up to the bar and ask if they can use the staff’s phone charger. It can be quite annoying, can it? Constantly aware that your phone may run out of battery at any moment. Well Chargerito a company launched by IndieGoGo has addressed this issue, by developing a charger that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The device makes it light enough to be attached to a person’s key chain. Allowing the user to have access to a phone charger whenever there is a wall socket in sight.

The size of the charger is compactible in design, with the power prongs and the connector that sticks into your phone being able to fold flush into the charger’s body. This ultimately allows no charging connections to stick out making the device small enough to easily fit into any sized pocket. There are plenty of other small chargers and power banks available. However the majority that is currently available on the market require charging cables and attachments in order to charge our smartphones. Alternatively there are the wireless charging pads that have induced a large amount of demand in recent times. With the introduction of the Qi and the Powermat. However users who have adopted these devices have expressed that they produce slower charging speeds. That today inductive wireless charging lags behind the quick charge cables often found in a phone box.

The Chargerito is certified by UL, FCC and Apple and produces a standard charging power wattage of 7.5 watts. Hence the device charges as quickly as the leading wall chargers that are available on the market. When a smartphone is docked on the charger, the phone is designed to face outwards allowing the screen to remain visible. This allows the user to have functionality and accessibility whilst the device is on charge.

Image provided by IndieGoGo

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