Smart Mug’s keeping those hot, warm beverages hotter for longer

Smart Mug’s keeping those hot, warm beverages hotter for longer

Company Coomug has developed a Smart Mug that will very much allow you to keep your hot, comforting drinks hotter for longer with the introduction of the Qi Wireless Smart Mug.

Everyone likes having a hot beverage whether that be a hot cup of coffee to give us that pick me up to start the day or perhaps going for a herbal tea to wind us down in the afternoon. If you’re like me you may find it frustrating or disappointing that the hot brew you purchased or made 15 minutes ago has un-beknown to you, become cold, bitter and dissatisfying. That eventually you must get up from your office desk or the relaxation station you may find yourself in. To go back once again and put the kettle on. Don’t you often at times wish there was a self-contained microwave just within arm’s reach wherever you are?

Well the Coomug company has developed a smart simple solution to end those brewing disappoints. With the Qi Wireless Smart Mug. A self-temperature mug that allows you to control the temperature of your beverage through the Qi automatic temperature control Cooster and Qi Wireless Charging Pad. There are many Smart Mugs out there in the Smart Home-ware Market that possess the same unique function and self-controlled temperature capability’s. Here is a couple of Coomug’s main rivals within the Smart Mug market:

  • The SOS Nano Heat Wireless Mug – Eliminates the need for re-heating with the device being able to keep beverages hot for up to 45 minutes and
  • The Ember Mug from Ember Technologies – Has calculated that the averaged preferred drinking temperature is 135 degrees, with the mug being equipped with a temperature dial that sustains hot beverages as well as rapidly cool them to the users desired drinking temperature.

However, the Coomug Qi Wireless Smart Mug is different to its competitors with the user able to adjust the temperature of their drink to their liking. By both the LED display on the Qi Mug indicating the temperature of the liquid as well as adjusting the temperature gauge from their smart phones; which is compatible with both Android and I-Phone devices. However, the design and overall look of the smart mug could be perceived as plain, dull and unappealing to some individuals. Therefore, I suggest the Company consider creating a series of creative and artistic smart mug holder designs. To bring more of a unique style to their product and further distinguish themselves from the competition.

Fundamentally, the Qi Wireless Smart Mug has the same functionality and use of any normal mug with the product being completely waterproof and dishwasher safe. Ultimately showcasing how Smart Technology can potentially be implemented into every product we use within our daily lives.

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