Smart Sleep Headwear – Getting your beauty sleep has never looked better!

Smart Sleep Headwear – Getting your beauty sleep has never looked better!

Haven’t you ever thought , what if there was a smart sleep device that could just allow you to switch off and simply give you that rest that sometimes we all desperately need?

In 2016 an Australian Research Report conducted by Sleep Researcher Dr Sarah Blunden has shown that being constantly connected to our phones and our computer screen’s has adverse reactions on ones ability to be able to fall asleep. Leading to a drop in concentration, our productivity and our our overall cognitional alertness and attentiveness which fundamentally can lead to negative consequences upon our mental state and a person’s well being. Haven’t you ever wished for a better way to fall asleep, improve how you sleep and simply remain asleep?

Well there is a solution with the development of Neuroon Open. Which has combined sleep science with smart technology to measure your resting heart rate and brain waves. The device sync’s with a relaxing audio playlist, controls the temperature in your bedroom and factors in lighting conditions; in order to calm and relax your body and state of mind. Ultimately allowing the user’s brain to shift into a stage of deep relaxation and encourage the person to fall asleep faster, easier and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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