Get Physical with your Wall – Literally, with a Smart Wall

Get Physical with your Wall – Literally, with a Smart Wall

Clearly, the quest to turn redundant objects into data crunching, futuristic machines won’t stop any time soon – as seen by the latest project published by Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research, Wall++: Smart Walls.

That’s right, they’ve come up with a way to turn walls into large-scaled sensors using conductive paint and a custom sensor board – think of it like a laptop touchpad, only bigger and plastered across your entire wall in your Smart Home.

At this stage, Wall++ is only able to sense electrodes which can be used to identify movements of people in the room as well as when different electronic objects are in use. Some articles have suggested that this technology can be used to control smart tech around the home with simple swipe gestures (like turning on the lights) or even control video games using similar gestures. However, it’s still under development and has some issues such as high energy consumption and lack of supporting software since it’s a relatively new concept.

Regardless, it’s an interesting thought that walls – arguably the most untouched parts of the home – could actually be transformed into something you interact with daily. Give it a few years of development and commercialisation, and we could have ready to install ‘Smart Wallpaper’ that you could pick up from Home Depot for $20/m. The only thing you’ve got to consider is that your cheeky baby nephew won’t try to ‘swipe’ the lights off with his pasta sauce covered hands.


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